Bull Run Coin (Token)



Bull Run Coin Token is a cryptocurrency that has been launched on the Binance Smart Chain. It is a means to invest in cutting edge crypto and real world projects.



  • Professional Investment Team
  • A.I trading algorithms
  • Free up time your time – free up your mind.
  • Relax whilst we take care of all you crypto portfolio.

Reasons to buy

  • Easy BRC Purchase ( just 0.10 on the coin).
  • Investment in Cutting Edge next generation projects
  • Easy Dividend
  • Premium Membership Services.



The Bull Run Coin Token is specially designed to secure investment opportunities, through A.I smart tech.

Thus far crypto investment have seen returns to as much as 500x, and the ‘Bull-fund’ is ever poised to capitalize on sudden market development in the ever volatile sector. By adding you stake into the ever growing pool you will be able to claim your share of these amazing returns.

Through Pooled Fund resources,  members are 25x more likely to be able to capture the benefits of market growth. And with its ever impressive portfolio of assets, Bull Club can ensure the long-term returns benefits for it members.

By Staking $100,000 into the fund you will automatically become eligible for our special discount membership, that offer a reduced commission rates providing better returns for the serious investor.