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A simple solution

The DefiBull Fund offers a simple and easy-to-use interface for investing in Cryptocurrency and NFT markets. Powered by the Bullrun Coin (BRC), our clients can easily deposit funds. These are utilized by our team of top market traders to ensure you get the very best returns on your investment.

The BRC is fully compliant with Binance Smart Chain and is ideally placed to trade within the new Binance NFT marketplace (to be launched in June 2021). Purchasing BRC’s could not be easier, simply sign up for an account, deposit funds from any major cryptocurrency, credit card, or bank account.

We also offer specific membership plans that are focused on acquiring assets within the NFT sector. Whether you are a fan of music, art, or film, you can easily extend your portfolio to include these assets with our intuitive web interface

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You are in safe hands

Our investment services are powered by the latest in Crypro Market Analysis tools. Our priority AI algorithms have been proven to yield results through extensive market testing*. Combined with our team of experienced crypto brokers, we are confident that you will see returns in th region of 10x to 20x. However, we have also experienced increases of up to 100x, where events and changes in technology have pushed up prices, as the market moves into a bull position. The Bullrun Fund is optimised to take advantage of these changes, by purchasing assets when the market is low, and selling when the market is high. We also have proven strategies to work bear markets effectively, by building an effective safehouse for stored value, that can be utilised once the market turns bull again. The BRC acts as this store of value, which is backed by public and private investment to substantially reduce risk.

*over one year of testing, fully certified, professional development.

Decentralised Trading Platform

By leveraging the advantage offered by the latest Blockchain technologies, we are able to produce an integrated trading platform that is effective, yet simple to manage. The platform provides a frictionless interface between all major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and is compliant with Binance Smart Chain, and a plethora of other next generation DeFi platforms and exchanges. We have positioned ourselves in the market with the technological capacity to process new investment opportunities in the NFT market. Our services offer great value for money, with reasonable returns on investment.

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Zero Fees so you can’t lose.

We operate on a simple pricing policy. We only take a percentage of the money you make. We do not charge for investing, or withdrawing funds from our service*. And we only take a percentage of the profits you make. No other investment platform offers this kind of guarantee, that, along with our deep rooted experience and AI algorithms, gives the Bullfund a highly attractive investment potential.

*fees from third party service providers may be incurred.

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DeFi Bull Fund

Experience and Vision

The Bullfund is the brainchild of Tridib Nandy, whose long term expertise since 2011 has been a guiding force in the development of the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem. Through his extensive partnership networks, he is currently aiming to engage with governments and institutions with advice and consultation of the emerging crypto markets.

The Bullrun fund will act as a key aid in providing statistical evidence of the investment potential and stability of the Crypto and NFT markets. Through accountability we aim to produce accurate data analysis of real trade figures that will be used to justify our partnership programs and services to governments and high ranking institutions.

It is our belief that this will open a window of opportunity for the easing of government debts and the threat of economic crisis. Through the adoption of crypto systems we can produce strongholds of value, rooted in the produces and produce of a nations capital wealth. This may include sovereign wealth safehouses, physical assets NFT’s, but is also applicable to intellectual capital. By forging a foundation based on these values, ledger and qualified through Blockchain and other Crypto technologies, we aim to protect the sovereign wealth of nations from cumbersome debt programs that stifle a countries potential for growth.

A Million ways to invest, but only ONE Bullfund

The BRC currently has over a billion shares available. For our initial offering we plan to release only 1 million of these, that will allow us to provide a detailed document of evidence, that proves the validity of our new technology and the capabilities of our team to produce a yield for our investors. The majority of the remaining coins will be available for Sovereign wealth Funds, HNIs, Institutional funds, once we have established viability.

The BRC will be traded in both NFT and cryptocurrency markets. We predict that an time scale of about 6 to 9 months will see up to a 10x on investments. This value may be much greater, depending upon how the crypto markets develop onver the next year. With the avant of NFT and the advances in technology moving at a faster and faster rate, it could be that we see another great opportunity for the Bull to Run. Data gathered from the investment potential of the December 2020 cryptocurrency bullrun clearly shows that 100x is possible. Whilst we cannot guarantee what will happen in the markets, we can say that we are ready to take the bull by the horns, acting swiftly and sure-footedly as we bold make our mark upon the major crypto exchanges.

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Only 4.5% of the Bull Run Coin investing is open to retail investors. 55% will be for sovereign bonds, HNIs, and country dollar bonds type of investments.

  • Sovereign wealth Funds, HNIs, Institutional funds (55%)
  • Marketing, Team, Partners & Advisors (5% Each)
  • Seed Sale, User Rewards (1% each)
  • Strategic Sale (1.5%)
  • Liquidity (14%)
  • Public Sale (2%)
  • Reserves (10.5%)

Powered by a Team

The DeFi Bull Fund Team combines a passion for industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing.

Tridib Nandy
Eli Reinhardt
Deepak Ravindran
Siddarth Kamath
Co-Founder & Head of Africa Markets
Solomon Steadman
Martin Stroka
Trideep Roy
Dr. (Prof.) Supradeep Dutta


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