What is DeFi Bull Fund and How it Works ?

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) Bull Fund is a one-of-its kind crypto-mutual-fund that invests in the top 40 crypto-assets (DeFi tokens and NFTs). By investing in the fund through the BRC (Bull Run Coin Token), investors get value on return on investment of 10x, 20x, and even up to 100x. BRC tokens are staked in various crypto-assets and the value of the BRC tracks the index of these assets from which it derives its value.

DeFi Bull Fund was envisaged and founded by serial entrepreneur Tridib Nandy, 95% of whose portfolio consists of cypto-assets. Tridib has been involved in the crypto space for the last decade where he has worked with leading think tanks that have included the likes of Ethereum, Bancor, among others to develop and propagate Central Bank Digital Currency.

An organization Tridib was instrumental in founding in 2018, the Sovereign Union was the first organization to educate governments of Pacific Nations about using blockchain technology for a sovereign economy.

Tridib is a widely acclaimed speaker in the field of blockchain and works to build independent financial systems to bring economic sovereignty to nations and tribes under the UNDRIP (United Nations Directorate of Indigenous People).

The field of crypto-investing is still in it’s nascent phase with people getting on the bandwagon because of the hype. The general population is however, ignorant or unaware of what it takes and what it means to invest in crypto-assests. People generally consider investing in this area either with cynicism or caution or both. This has largely to do with misinformation and lack of knowledge about the crypto-space. The average person views crypto with suspicion and many even label it an outright scam or farce. While this view has been largely changing, and developments becoming difficult to ignore, there still is a lot of work to be a done in this area of educating and informing people with the right data, metrics and facts.

DeFi Bull Fund in this respect, is about evangelizing blockchain technology and digital currencies to potential investors and helping them invest in this space by giving them broad exposure at lower risk. The fund proposes to invest in a broad range of crypto-assets and achieve capital appreciation for our investors. For this service, the fund will retain 20% of profits with 80% going to the investor.

DeFi Bull Fund is advised by the whose who of the blockchain and tech space. This along with extensive fund management experience of the management and in particular of Mr. Nandy, whose own personal journey and experience that comes with personal investment success of upto 1000x appreciation of his investments, will ensure that investors get the best support that their money can get.

In an industry where anybody can create and claim legitimacy to any concept and mint any coin/token, the precedence and background of the stakeholders involved is of utmost importance.

DeFi Bull Fund invites you, our reader to become our partners of innovation and growth by investing in the Bull Run Coin Token and make your financial dream a reality.