Trideep Roy


Trideep works as an independent consultant and has over 10 years of work experience. His main expertise lies in Financial Services and Tech4D and he has worked in key developing markets such as India, South East Asia, East Africa and Latin America for noteworthy clients such as World Bank, International Finance Corporate, USAID, GIZ, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Triple Jump. His core experience spreads across investments, credit & venture capital through his time with well known organizations such as Aditya Birla Group and Aavishkar.

Since 2015, Trideep has been actively involved in the Blockchain for Development space and co-authored research reports such as “Africa 2050 – How emerging technologies can reshape the future of development” where he explored in-depth the potential of technologies such as blockchain to transform traditional industries from aid transfers to art – ushering in ‘a new, more efficient, decentralized normal’.